Our Strategy

This Network’s activities focus on human developmental intervention science that i) yields the potential of improving children’s outcomes and thus breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty and violence; ii) uses adequate measures and methods that are capable of demonstrating a link between intervention and developmental outcomes; and iii) are focused on low-income countries or low-income populations in middle-income countries (by World Bank country classification).


We are not an advocacy group in the traditional sense. That is, our mission is not to advocate for the importance of interventions and policies to improve children’s prospects around the world. What we advocate for implicitly is achieving greater cost-effectiveness through evidence based approaches. Thus, we encourage, support, and facilitate learning and exchange around questions of measurement, methods, and design of interventions and evaluations that yield the promise of facilitating policy dialogue and decision making in low- and middle-income countries to improve the cost-effective allocation of resources.


Facilitate Collaboration


One of the central objectives of the Network is to establish and facilitate South-South and North-South collaborations amongst researchers and practitioners across disciplines and institutions engaged in human developmental intervention science in low-income countries and low-income communities in middle-income countries.


The Network will do so through hosting forums, workshops, and webinars, and will actively engage in disseminating and promoting evidence based approaches. The Network’s website includes several features to support these activities, including social networking features involving the member profile function, a resource repository, and a blog.


Future directions include a Wiki, an online-journal or working paper series, and specialized (virtual) working groups.



Foster Mentoring Relationships


We are committed to supporting early career scholars from the global North and South. The Network will encourage and support early career scholars in finding fruitful and supportive mentoring relationships with senior scholars around the globe.



Enable Knowledge Sharing


The data and resource repository enables members to upload and share content. During the upload process they will tag their entry with keywords indicating the age/stage, setting, and geopolitical region from which the documents are focusing stem. A search and filter function then allows other members to search and download these resources.

A Blog will support the dissemination of new evidence and innovative approaches to a range of topics. Both senior as well as early career scholars can submit propositions for a Blog, either written by themselves, or proposing a particular topic of interest. The Network will coordinate and support this process.



Encourage and Facilitate Evidence Building


The Network will be actively engaged in identifying under-researched and under-resourced areas and fostering activities to fill these gaps. Awareness around such gaps will be created using the blog function. In addition, the Network will support this process by engaging key scholars involved in that particular area of research, and through hosting webinars, workshops and other fora.



For questions or suggestions about the network or on-line platform, please contact us at LAMICInterventionNetwork@gmail.com.