Call for Applications: Continuous Quality Improvement Consultant with the International Rescue Committee

Period: January 15, 2018 – September 14, 2018, with a full time commitment required January 17th – April 30th, 2018.


The Syrian conflict and ensuing instability in the region has caused 12.3 million displaced Syrians since 2011. Five million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries such as Lebanon, which is currently host to over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, in addition to an estimated 300,000 Palestinian refugees and 35,000 Lebanese returnees from Syria.

In response to this crisis, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has been implementing its Healing Classrooms approach for teacher professional development (TPD) in Lebanon. Healing Classrooms includes a package of continuous and self-directed training materials to support teachers to create safe, supportive, predictable, and cooperative learning environments; teach components of reading, math, and social emotional learning; and apply positive instructional and classroom management techniques[1].

With the generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the IRC will implement a Teacher-Focused Quality Improvement project in Lebanon to adapt its TPD model to include systematic quality improvement. The project will be implemented with a total of 30 teachers who are currently part of the Healing Classrooms retention support program in Lebanon. The goal is to improve teachers’ practice by empowering them and providing a precise method to identify improvements and collect and use data to develop and carry out strategies to improve their practice or to solve problems. Teachers may, for example, seek to improve student attendance, promote social cohesion among students, or better identify and teach to the different strengths of their students.

Ultimately, if the approach is feasible and effective in these contexts, we will seek in future years to expand within Lebanon, and scale the program to IRC-supported teachers in Iraq, as well as other refugee education programs globally.


The CQI Specialist will support the start-up of the Teacher Focused Continuous Quality Improvement Project in Lebanon. They will support the design of the program as well as the initial trainings (or Learning Sessions) for the first cohort of teachers.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated expertise as an Improvement Director or Advisor, including running a Collaborative
  • Demonstrated ability in developing learner centered trainings
  • Excellent facilitation and communication skills
  • Experience working in low-income countries (preferred)
  • Experience running improvement projects in the Education sector (preferred)

Consultancy Objectives Overview:

  • Co-create a workplan for the Continuous Quality Improvement program
  • Design a user-centered training for IRC Staff on the Improvement Model and a Breakthrough Series (BTS) Model (adapted to our needs)
  • Design a user-centered training for teachers
  • Facilitate the Expert-Level Meeting
  • Co-facilitate the training of both IRC staff and teachers
  • Support the preparations for the first Learning Session of our adapted BTS Model
  • Provide on-going technical support to IRC Technical Staff on CQI/The Improvement Model throughout the length of the contract and build the capacity of IRC staff to direct the process in the future.

 Activities, deliverables and dates

The consultancy will start by January 17th , 2018 and go through August 2018 with varying time commitment necessary. January through April (four months) will require a full time commitment and May-August will only require approximately 80 additional hours.

Activity Deliverables Due Date Estimated hours Responsible
Workplan development workshop with a IRC staff and stakeholders ·       A detailed workplan for the CQI Program in Lebanon

·       A presentation of the workplan

January 30th, 2018 20 hours Consultant
A CQI/Improvement Model/BTS training curriculum and materials for IRC staff in the MENA region ·       A facilitators guide

·       All training materials (hand outs, ppts)

February 20th, 2018 80 hours Consultant
Prepare Collaborative program management documents for staff and train staff on how to use them (during IRC staff training) ·       Program Management materials March 9th, 2018 20 hours Consultant
Prepare for Expert-level meeting ·       Meeting Materials, handouts and presentations March 9th, 2018 20 hours Consultant
Facilitation of Expert-Level Meeting ·       A Driver Diagram

·       Expert Change Package

·       Measurement Package

March 9, 2018 8 hours Consultant
Co-facilitate the CQI training for IRC Staff ·       Training Report March 9th, 2018 30 hours Consultant
A CQI/Improvement Model/BTS training curriculum and materials for IRC tutors in Lebanon ·       A facilitators guide

·       All training materials (hand outs, ppts)

April 20th, 2018 80 hours Consultant
Co-facilitate Training for teachers ·       Training Report April 23rd-27th 40 hours Consultant
Prepare materials for first Learning Session 1 ·       Guidance for Learning Session 1

·       Materials for the facilitation of Learning Session 1

August 10th, 2018 20 hours Consultant
Co-facilitate Learning Session 1 ·       Training Report August 31st, 2018 40 hours Consultant
Provide Summary Report and Presentation ·       Report

·       Presentation

September 14, 2018 8 hours Consultant


The consultant will work in close collaboration with IRC’s Autumn Brown, Research and Measurement Technical Advisor. The consultant will build Autumn’s capacity to direct future collaboratives. As the consultant’s counterpart, Autumn will ensure that the consultant has the resources necessary to be successfully—including coordinating with the Lebanon team to ensure enough of their time to work closely with the consultant.


The consultant will be required to travel to Lebanon for trainings. All travel expenses (flight, hotels and per diem) will be covered by the IRC.

Suggested compensation



[1] The Healing Classroom model comprises 12 instructional/classroom management techniques including expectations, routines, engagement, positive reinforcement, and positive discipline, among others.

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