LOOKING FOR: Mental health/self-esteem scales for youth (18-25) in Marocco

By Kevin Hempel:


I am looking for advice regarding appropriate scales/survey questions to assess youth mental health and self-esteem in developing countries. This is in the context of an impact evaluation of a youth employment program in Morocco for youth 18-25. The youth tend to be from a low-income background but do not necessarily have a history of extreme poverty or life trauma (i.e. not a context that might naturally increase the risk of bad mental health outcomes).


The program has no specific components on mental health (though it does try to strengthen life skills), but it would be interesting to evaluate any potential effects the program might have had on the participants personal well-being. The intention is not to clinically diagnose mental health issues, but rather to get ideas about young people’s changes in sense of self-worth, confidence about the future, etc. as a result of the program, since these also matter for the integration in the labor market.


Any advice about specific scales and/or links to relevant surveys you might have would be much appreciated.


You can email me at: khempel08@johnshopkins.it


Thanks a lot in advance,



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